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Beard Dandruff: Why You Get It and How to Treat It

Ever since that write-up was released a few years back that claimed guys’ beards are cessbushes of germs as well as feces, the topic of beard health has made a permanent spot in the men’s grooming spotlight. The good news is, an entire sector of beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil, and also beard balm was birthed to keep the bearded looking their ideal. Nevertheless, while it’s practically commonplace to listen to men casually review their preferred beard oil brand names, something you seldom listen to thrown regarding with joy over a pint of IPA is beard dandruff.

Yes, beard dandruff is a point, as well as, lucky for you, so is beard dandruff treatment. Yet before you self-diagnose and begin buying a handful of products, allow’s get to the bottom of what causes beard dandruff so you can better understand what’s causing your beard to snow on your breast. We talked to a handful of specialists, consisting of board-certified skin specialist Daniel Belkin, MD of the New York City Dermatology Group, Dendy Engelman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at the Shafer Facility, and leading New York City barber and men’s brushing specialist Jason Biggs of Babe of Brooklyn to go over both the reason as well as beard dandruff therapy choices.


Daniel Belkin, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist of the New york city Dermatology Team.
Dendy Engelman, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist at the Shafer Clinic.
Jason Biggs is a top New york city City barber and also males’s grooming professional of Babe of Brooklyn.
What is Beard Dandruff?
Beard dandruff is basically a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which generally affects the face as well as scalp, Engelman claims. Signs include red skin and also flaking on the scalp as well as hair, which can be accompanied by itching. The warning signs and symptoms of beard dandruff consist of white flakes in the beard with red skin at the base.

What Triggers Beard Dandruff?
” Dandruff is mostly brought on by a fungi called Malassezia globosa,” Engelman discusses, “which prospers in oil-rich atmospheres– making the scalp an excellent area for it to create. The fungi breaks down oils in your sweat glands, leaving oleic acid that aggravates the skin and also causes dandruff. Quick cell turnover (an overflow of skin cells) can also add to dandruff. If skin cells regrow as well quickly, buildups can create, which create a suitable environment for dandruff-causing fungi to prosper.”

What isn’t Beard Dandruff?
Just because you find yourself with a couple of flakes in your beard does not always indicate you’re dealing with beard dandruff. Dry skin can additionally trigger the skin to drop, which may appear in your beard as white flakes. Belkin clarifies how to tell the difference: “With dandruff, the skin will look normal to pink to red, flakes are larger as well as greasier, and also flaking is apparently perpetual. When flaking is from dry skin, the skin can look creamy colored or split, and also flakes are dry as well as small.”

Normally, if you assume you have beard dandruff, it’s best to see a dermatologist for a right diagnosis and program of beard dandruff treatment.

That Gets Beard Dandruff?
If you typically experience scalp dandruff, you might additionally be extra susceptible to beard dandruff, Engelman claims. That’s due to the fact that “If your skin cells restore as well rapidly on your scalp, it prevails the cells will likewise do so on your beard.” Belkin states that males are much more commonly affected than ladies since sebaceous glands are receptive to androgens, or male hormones. He also says although there is no well-known tendency toward any particular skin type, the inflammation may be less noticeable in those with darker skins; nevertheless, the flaking will be similar.

Biggs says that beard size additionally contributes in both development as well as beard dandruff treatment. “The longer your beard is, the most likely you are to create beard dandruff.” Engelman concurs, “The longer the beard, the harder it is to reach the skin when washing. This can create a build-up of oils and also dead skin, which advertises fungal development as well as can cause dandruff.”

” So depend on that long hipster beard needs double the treatment,” Biggs claims, adding that a much shorter, extra manicured beard that’s closer to the face might be simpler to treat.

Beard Dandruff Treatment
” Treating beard dandruff can be complicated and does not have a one size fits all method,” Biggs explains, as well as our experts all agree that a three-pronged approach to beard dandruff treatment is one of the most efficient: scrub, clean, and moisturize.


” Scrubing the skin prevents pores from getting clogged up as well as excess oils from being produced,” Engelman discusses. She recommends utilizing a beard brush, the soft bristles of which are less likely to aggravate skin than a physical scrub. “Gently relocate the brush throughout the skin, throughout the beard, to buff away dead skin cells and excess oil.” Nonetheless, don’t overdo it, as excess cleaning could additionally irritate your already at risk skin, triggering oil manufacturing to overcompensate.


. Belkin recommends an antifungal shampoo such as Head & Shoulders, which has zinc pyrithione, or Nizoral, which contains ketoconazole, to help reduce the overgrowth of the problem-causing fungi. As an extra natural method, Engelman likewise advises Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Hair shampoo, which contains tea tree oil, known for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal buildings.


Because cleaning and also scrubing can strip away the skin’s all-natural oils, it is necessary to restore with moisture to stop skin from drying, which might create increased oil production. When it comes to beard dandruff therapy, your normal facial cream may not cut it. Rather, Engelman recommends Melach 33 Rimmon Potion Face Oil, which contains a blend of antioxidant-rich oils to secure the skin, omega fatty acids to assist skin recuperate, and jojoba oil to balance oil production and tranquil breakouts. Apply from the root of your beard– closest to the skin– and also bring the oil throughout of your beard while massaging it into the hair to ensure maximum penetration to the skin.

Engelman claims that the secret to beating beard dandruff at its own video game is to be constant with your therapy. “Maintaining your beard clean and hydrated is crucial for preventing beard dandruff. Make certain to establish a beard care regular and also persevere daily.”.

When to See a Dermatologist.
If you try the above beard dandruff therapy routine as well as don’t see outcomes after two weeks, that’s when Engelman says a prescription therapy may be in order. This could consist of anything from more powerful topical items to steroid drops.

What happens if It’s Just Dry Skin?
As we claimed, common completely dry skin could likewise trigger a reasonable share of beard flakes, and in that situation, you have actually got a bunch of options. Biggs states that having a day-to-day skin as well as beard regimen is essential to keep away beard dandruff caused by dry skin. This suggests cleaning your face day-to-day (like we require to tell you that) and also be sure to hydrate skin thoroughly at the very least two times a day. After that Biggs recommends following with a good quality beard balm, like Babe of Brooklyn’s No. 1 Original, which is made of all-natural and also natural components to seal in dampness without bothersome skin.

Biggs likewise states internal hydration is a perpetrator. “Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, and also it requires proper hydration, so you may wish to very first consider increasing your water intake to help moisturize your skin from the inside out.

The Takeaway.
Beard dandruff takes place to the most effective of us, as well as it’s nothing to be ashamed of. When it pertains to beard dandruff therapy, you’ve obtained a variety of options to deal with and also protect against the trouble from returning successfully.


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